Waylon smashes a cake … sort of

Waylon came to my studio today to get messy at a 1st birthday smash cake photo session at my Denver-area studio. He arrived just up from a nap and probably wondering where the heck he was. He’s been here before: Back in November I took his 9 month photos just as he was beginning to walk. Toddler no more, this kiddo, he was pretty steady on his feet. I always bring out my camera right away to show it to little guys. And knowing Waylon his whole life–his momma Lara did my Seed to Sprout plan–I understood that he would take a little time to warm up to me. He can be a serious kiddo, and that’s OK. It’s my job and my love to capture a person’s essence here and now–smiley or not. {Here’s Waylon with his first big-boy haircut. Love those brown eyes!}

baby photography denver

If you’re not familiar with a smash-cake session, here it is in a nutshell: We get baby naked down to his diaper, plop a small birthday cake in front of him, and let him go to town. Why diaper shots? Because things get messy and sticky. A half-naked baby is easily cleaned up with my ever-present stash of baby wipes.

Waylon’s is the first smash-cake session I’ve done in my studio, and since I had complete control over my set, I decided some colorful balloons were in order. Waylon made a beeline for them as soon as he knew it was OK to step on my white paper backdrop {aka floor napkin}.

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We had to coax him to try the cake. Some kiddos dig right in and get frosting in their toes. Others are more cautious. No matter–this is all about your child’s personality, not about following a formula.

first birthday photo session
baby photography

We had a few detours and distractions, as happens with 1 year olds. I’m patient and don’t worry about it. There’s always a good shot even when they’re not “doing what they’re supposed to.” Eventually, with mom’s help we interested Waylon in the cake and not the balloons! Well, sort of. There’s always the photographer to feed {we like cake too} and the candle. That 1st birthday candle is hard to resist.

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baby photos denver

Even when they’re clean they’re still dirty afterward. But the lips and eyelashes!

Stay tuned for a gallery of Waylon from birth to 1 year. My Seed to Sprout package includes four sessions: newborn, about 3 months, about 8 months and 1 year. And, for fun, you can add on a pregnancy photo session for you! At the end of your package, you receive an album with the best photos across the year. Please call me at 720-238-2113 or email lynn@lynnclarkphotography for more information.

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Erin BlackwellFebruary 11, 2012 - 5:23 pm

How cute is HE?! Can I smash a cake on my birthday? =)

LynnFebruary 11, 2012 - 5:59 pm

Erin! Heck yes! I would have gotten in on the action with Waylon except for the fact that frosting and cameras don’t play well together. Finger food defined!

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