4: FAQ


What is included in the session fee?

Session fees include travel within 25 miles of the 80014 zip code, time spent making your photos–coaching you through poses and expressions–custom photo retouching and web-resolution, watermarked photos for sharing on Facebook and other sites. Please see Investment for more details, or contact me at 720-238-2113. The session fee is a nonrefundable retainer that is due in full to schedule your session.

How much time is included in each session?

  • Portrait sessions with individuals, families and couples usually take about 90 minutes once we get started.
  • Newborn sessions, done when babe is 5-10 days old, take as long as they take. We should plan for at least two hours.
  • Professional, social media and dating headshots take about 30 minutes.

How many people can be in the photo session?

I work with families of all sizes. The session fee includes up to five people. Because it’s tricky to manage larger groups, there is a small fee for additional people.

Where will our photo session take place?

It depends on what kind of session we’re doing. Pregnancy, boudoir, newborn and most young baby sessions are conducted at my studio, located near I-225 and Parker Road in Aurora. Other sessions happen on location. That could be your favorite park or your front porch. I have a list of my favorite spots for photography in the Denver-metro area and foothills. Travel within 25 miles of my studio is complementary. Travel beyond that distance incurs a small fee.

Do you ‘Photoshop’?

Yes. I want to show you in your best light–literally. My images are corrected for color and contrast. I regularly touch up those undereye circles we’re all plagued with after the age of 23, clean up blemishes and remove stray hairs and glare on glasses. I only do skin softening if you ask me. I do not do digital cosmetic surgery.

Can you make my photos black and white?

Yes. I present your photos in color. As you review your images please feel free to ask to see any in black and white. I can change it with the click of the mouse. Once you’ve selected your final images, I will sharpen them for output and apply creative effects with a light hand. I prefer realistic photos.

When do I get to see my photos?

You usually see your photos within 10 business days of your session, depending on our schedules. If you purchased a headshot session, I’ll send you a link to an online proofing gallery. All other sessions will have in-person gallery reveal and ordering meetings–so much more fun! If you’d like to allow others to view and purchase photos, I’m happy to put up an online gallery for you after your ordering meeting.

How many photos will you show me?

I aim to show at least 20 A++ photos per hour of shooting. Most full sessions wind up with more. I make sure that you only see the photos in which you are looking your best. All images will be corrected for correct display on my color-calibrated monitor and printing at professional labs.

How much are prints and products?

Gift prints {8×10 and smaller} are $30 each. Wall prints {11×14 and larger} start at $90. Canvas wraps start at $150. I offer three collections that help you get more bang for your buck. Give me a call at 720-238-2113 for more information.

Do you require a minimum purchase?

While I don’t require that you purchase any prints or products beyond the session fee and included 4 web-ready images, I do require a $400 minimum order on the a la carte menu. {Pay for your order minimum before or at your session for a 10% bonus credit} Most clients invest about $750 on the session fee and products. Give me a call at 720-238-2113 for more information.

Do you sell a disc of photos?

You are making an investment in professional portraiture, which deserves to see the light of day. Even as a pro, I often forget to print photos I take of my family. They’re relegated to the computer, where I might look at them from time to time. You will want to proudly display these works of art in your home, and you will want the photos to look beautiful. The only way I can guarantee quality is to print your images at a trusted professional lab. Discs are great for archive purposes.

I realize that many clients wish to take control of their printing and archiving experience. A DVD of all your gallery images and sets of 20 and 10 images in print or web resolution is available for purchase. I also offer a digital album as an alternative to an album. After you buy $400 in products, you can also purchase individual files. And, if you buy prints or gallery wraps at 16×20 or larger, I give you that image in medium resolution for free!

When you buy digital files, you are receiving the same professionally edited photos I sent to my pro lab for printing albums, gallery wraps, photographic prints and more. Because of that, my digital images are priced slightly higher than the corresponding physical product. They take just as much time and effort to produce, and by selling it to you, I negate future product purchases. {This is my livelihood, not a hobby for me.}

What can I do with the digital images I buy?

When you buy a digital image, you are free to reproduce it for personal use only, including posting it to Facebook and other web and social media sites, and sharing the photos with others to be printed or posted. I recommend adoramapix.com for high-quality consumer printing.

You may not use any image in any commercial endeavor, sell the image to a third party or enter it into contests without my express written permission.

Please understand that I own the copyright on every image, and that it is unlawful to scan, copy, print or reproduce my work in any way without my written permission. {That includes taking a picture of your print and posting it on Facebook.} You may not remove the watermark from the web-sized photos you receive. You may not add “actions,” adornments or other styles to your photos. (If you’re interested in a different editing style, let me know. I’m happy to make those changes for you.) I also reserve the right to use any photo taken for display and to promote my business.

I don’t like the watermark on my digital images. Can I crop it out?

No. I provide web-resolution digital images free of charge to you so you can share your photos with others on sites like Facebook. These images are sized only for online display, and they must not be cropped or altered in any way without my written permission. You’re welcome to purchase watermark-free images. Please contact me for details.

Do you archive all my photos?

If you do not buy an image disc, I archive your gallery photos and any images I use in my marketing pieces for a minimum 1 year. If you buy an image disc, I archive just the photos I use in my portfolio, if any. Each high-resolution raw image is about 7 MB in size. A single session can be a few GB. So I simply don’t have room to keep all of the photos I shoot.

Will you put my photos on the Internet or use them in your marketing?

I’d love to show off the gorgeous art we make together … but only with your express written permission. I understand that some people are cautious about putting photos of themselves or their children online or displaying them publicly. That’s why I require every client completes a model release that gives me permission to use or declines permission to use your photos in my blog and marketing. If you decide it’s OK for me to use your photos online, I do my best to show you the post before publishing it.

What do most people spend on photography with you?

Most of my clients spend an average of $750-$1,100, including the session fee and products.

What is the VIP Program?

When you spend $1,000 or more on a single session, you become a VIP. You receive goodies valued at more than $500, including a gift certificate for a free portrait session that you may use or give as a gift to someone else, twin 4×4 leather albums with 20 images–available only to VIPs, and a special gift on your birthday.

Do you trade with other businesses?

Absolutely … if I’m interested in what you’re selling! Please contact me with a proposal if you’re interested–720-238-2113 or lynn@lynnclarkphotography.com.